Kamogelo Mokoena

Kamogelo Mokoena


Kamogelo Mokoena
Kamogelo Mokoena
Kamogelo Mokoena
Kamogelo Mokoena
Kamogelo Mokoena
Kamogelo Mokoena


My late grandfather is my inspiration. He was a filmmaker during South Africa’s apartheid regime & made socially conscious films about the fight for freedom. Unfortunately his films caused him to be considered an enemy of the state and led to him being exhaled to France. His work contributed to bringing South Africa freedom and every year on the country’s ‘freedom day’, his films are played nationally. His films are also available in the ‘Apartheid Museum’ as a part of our country’s history in the fight for freedom along side Nelson Mandela’s stories and many other freedom fighters. My grandfather’s work inspires me to make films that are meaningful and can contribute to improving our socio-cultural issues as well. My second inspiration is Bong Joon-ho. I love the powerful work he has put out like ‘Mother’ and ‘Parasite’. Especially when considering the social commentary he makes.


Kamogelo completed a ‘Directing and Producing’ Course with USC (University of Southern California) and Warner Bros. and before that she was awarded a Masters Degree in Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy. Her Honors degree in Brand Leadership was completed at Vega (IIE) and Undergraduate Degree in Communications was from the University of Johannesburg. After working with a vibrant, multicultural, and powerful team at the Warner Bros. studios. She later completed an internship with MACRO in Hollywood, a company that produced highly acclaimed Oscar nominated films such as ‘Fences’ and ‘Mudbound’, among other award nominated films. During this time, her film ‘Priceless’ was announced a semi-finalist at the AT&T Film Awards.
This was followed by her Tiktok ‘Lockdown Be Like’ becoming an official selection of the Gauteng Film Commission Women Film Festival.

Kamogelo Mokoena


Director, Producer, Writer


Action, Afro-futurism, Drama & Social Commentary

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Los Angeles, CA



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