Anastasia A Washington

Anastasia A Washington


Anastasia A Washington
Anastasia A Washington
Anastasia A Washington
Anastasia A Washington
Anastasia A Washington
Anastasia A Washington


Jordan Peele and actors who create content that speaks social justice issues and makes comedy horror or other genres from it causing change.


Anastasia was born a performer. Her family knew this from the moment that she came into their world. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her sisters and mother often enjoyed posing her and
 teaching her to sing and dance. At a trip to Sea World, when she was 3 years old, Anastasia couldn’t stop singing and dancing during the Shamu show. When the audience stood to clap and cheer for Shamu, Anastasia turned around and took a bow. Her family knew then and there what had to be done. Her mother got her a Manager the next week. She has since enjoyed a career that includes Movies like, The Addams Family Series, Die Hard 2 and Television Series, like La Femme Nikkita, Lamb Chop, and Pickett Fences. She has recorded with Artist Michael Jackson and Harry Connick Jr., just to name a few. As 30 something light skinned bi-racial Los Angeles native who has never truly seen girls like her on tv. Her life is something that never truly has been explored on tv or film, and certainly not from the perspective of an actual bi-racial woman. Now more than ever is the time to bring light to issues that have not been explored and or given a voice. And with love and a comedic edge I am ready to tackle them. I hope to have the opportunity to speak to you, cause the world is ready for me. Are you?

Anastasia A Washington


Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Screenwriter, Voice Over Artist


horror, comedy, drama, social justice

North Hollywood, CA

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Los Angeles, CA


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