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Jasmine Jewet
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Jasmine Jewet
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Right now, I am obsessed with Ari Aster and can’t wait to see his next project. I love his ability to take real human experience and center it around a genre (horror). I am someone who doesn’t gravitate towards horror; however, I respect any artist who takes huge swings. But to be honest with you, I am just an A24 hoe and I will watch anything they put out. I also love a good misdirection and I love leaving the theater thinking, “wait, what did I miss?!”. Which then forces me to commit to a re-watch¬—this is why I am a fan of Korean films. I basically like when filmmakers outsmart me and find a unique entry point to talk about the human condition. That’s something I’m working on, it’s something I am always asking myself, like, “how do I say what I want to say in a more digestible way and also surprise audience?”


As a child, my father recorded everything. It's no wonder I ended up working behind the camera.

I'm a storyteller.

From short films, features, tv shows - scripted and unscripted -- I've worked on countless sets. My films have won awards and been selected for film festivals around the country.

I've worked for + created content for clients and companies like Cartoon Network, ATL Airport, and Spanx, to name a few, as a videographer and editor. Helping them to promote and market events, products, and their personal brands using platforms such as Instagram and YouTube etc.

Outside of my own projects, I work as a director's assistant and as crew on television shows & movies for networks you know like Netflix, OWN, The CW, BET, and Nickelodeon.

Jasmine Jewet


Director, Editor


Drama, Dramedy, Sci-Fi

Atlanta, GA, USA

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Los Angeles, CA



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